The Master of LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

Back in 2009, Alex Bidolak was a postman from Oldham who could only dream of working with LEGO for a living. Today, his dreams have been realised and he gets to teach about and build LEGO on a daily basis. At the start of 2010, Alex was awarded the position of ‘Master Builder’ at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at the intu Trafford Centre’s Barton Square. Describing the position as the toughest job interview he had ever attended ”but it has all been worth it as now I get to play with Lego all day long!”
Since then, Alex has been in international press for his take on the famous Ellen DeGeneres selfie at the 2014 OSCARS, his creation of the Coronation Street set, work as a special constable on the streets of Manchester as well as his similarities to Emmet, the leading character in the popular 2014 film, The LEGO Movie!


Alex at Legoland in his Specials uniform and a lifesize Lego Policeman. Alex Bidolak A ëMaster Builderí at the Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester was surprised when the hero of the new hit film The Lego Movie was so familiar after he discovered the storyline contained a series of amazing similarities to his life. The main character Emmet, voiced by Chris Pratt, works in Construction before becoming a Master Builder and then The Special.  In real life Alex is also The Special - a Special Constable - and works in his spare time fighting crime in Greater Manchester as a volunteer police officer.





There is no denying that Alex is an incredibly talented and busy man and we’re very excited and lucky to have him with us during Family Festival 2015 where he will be leading LEGO and Live Music! Tickets for this event will be available on Monday 19th at 9:30am.

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